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Working since 1998 to give you the best quality

High Quality Products

The opportunity in the construction materials trade sector

The company Adriazul was founded in November 1998, at the wish of two partners who found in the city of Aveiro a market opportunity in the field of trade in building materials and finishing. Strongly marked by the existence of stockists who acted in a medium / low segment, it identified the possibility and sustainability, to introduce a company that offers a design product with a strong aesthetic identity and a permanent concern for the protection of various quality standards .

Provide a selected set of building materials

Our mission has always been to provide our clients with a selected set of construction and finishing materials, of high technical and aesthetic quality, so that, from our genesis, we are closely committed to the decoration and the interior design.

A bet of the present for the future

After 8 years of market creation and renown, in July 2007 we inaugurated the existing facilities at Rua de Santa Rita in Aveiro, where our showroom, administrative services and warehouse are located. In this space, we seek to continue our activity of discovery and presentation of the best that exists in the area of floors, coatings and sanitary equipment.

In addition to the sale of the aforementioned products, we have evolved by providing 3D studies, which allow each client to visualize the realization of their choice and execution of the work, if desired, as projected.

In fulfilling the mission of serving your client well, in 2016, great changes are taking place within us. Internally, with the creation of new exhibition spaces and reserved areas of specialized service and in order to follow the trends of globalization through the digital market, the creation of the online store started to operate in the e-commerce market.

The year 2017 is marked by the expansion of our facilities with the opening of a store in Coimbra. Throughout our existence, we have represented the best national and international brands, always referring to quality and design as the selection criteria of the products we propose to our customers.

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